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tumblrbot asked: ROBOTS OR DINOSAURS?

Dinosaurs! But only because they look like dragons, my robot costume is better


((First batch of color swaps!


Dawn Feather

Bad Omen

Princess Twila

Go ahead and send in some more, these are fun!))

yay! I love it


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Bad Omen


Katie Speedling

Odsin Ends

Master Glitch Controller

Pencil Scratch




These sheets were also my last two in my first sketch book. Good timing folks!

I also have trouble seeing some colors such as shades of yellow. I hope I got all the colors correct.

Unite the OCs


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I am making a master list of them all so that people can find them!

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Tumblrbot asked what omens favorite inanimate object was but I can’t answer questions with a picture on my tumblr app and when I said that as an answer, the question and reply didn’t show up